Series: The Shack

Did you know that God loves you? Do you trust Him? Do you ever wonder where He is - especially when things go wrong? Get these questions, and more, answered with The Shack series, based on the movie.

For all those who have wondered where God is in their pain, for those who have questioned if God is there at all, Our The Shack Series will use a combination of Scripture passages and video clips to present and unforgettable encounter with a divine love Who promises to never leave us.

You're invited to a 5-part series starting March 5th with "Where Is God When I Need Him Most." Discover how you can experience life-changing love and forgiveness even in the midst of pain.

Part 1: Where is God when I need Him most? (March 5)
Part 2: How does God see me? (March 12)
Part 3: Why are you doing this to me? (March 19)
Part 4: How can I know the heart of the Father? (March 26)
Part 5: So you just let him get away with it? (April 2)

Service times: 9:30 am & 11:15 am