How To Be Spiritual Without Being Religious

How to be spiritual without being religious

<p>Join us for a series taking a closer look AT the book of Galatians. discover the big ideas that Paul was writing about and how it can fit into your life.</p>
<p>Weekly series topics:</p>

<p>June 4 - What's a Galatian?</p>

<p>June 11 - Man Made "Religion"</p>

<p>June 18 - Your Moment of Enlightenment</p>

<p>June 25th - A Very Personal Relationship with God</p>

<p>July 2 - The Freedom of Living by Faith</p>

<p>July 9 - The Results of Our Relationship with God</p>

<p>July 16 - Staying On Course</p>

<h4>Watch the introductory video of the series</h4>
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<p><a href="">Series Introduction</a> from <a href="">Orchard Grove Community Church</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>