FLC Special Service

Carl Bauer, Pete and Connie Rostosky's ordination

Today we're celebrating the ordination of three people of the Freedom Life Center family: Carl Bauer, Pete Rostosky, and Connie Rostosky.

Carl Bauer has spent the last several years leading the FLC Wednesday evening bible studies and small groups and pastoral care. Jeff describes Carl as being patient, seasoned and tempered. He is "diligent in his studies" and a "student of God's word," and Jeff has drawn on Carl's intelligence, maturity, and experience often during his own path as leader of FLC. He describes Carl and Maria, his wife, as a team. "Carl and Maria over the years have become very dear to Michelle and I." It wasn't always the case, but like iron sharpens iron, their relationship has been made solid over the years.

Pete Rostosky has been overseeing the youth ministries and the church's general needs. Pete's faithfulness to the youth, his undying positive attitude, and his professional sports life has lead him to speak at men's retreats, father-son events, and other public speaking engagements. His positive attitude attracts people, particularly the youth. Jeff describes Pete as a modern Pied Piper. With his catchphrase "Way 2 B U," Pete believes that everyone is unique and has a purpose. Jeff describes his life-long friend as an encourager. "He's like my Barnabas in the bible."

Connie Rostosky has a lot of talents and because she does, has lead the creative arts, fundraising, band, and several outreach opportunities at FLC. There's not much she cannot do; she sometimes writes her own musicals and plays and does it all with an authentic smile. "She has a contagious joy and optimism for God, life, friendship and love," Jeff says. "She never has a bad day," he jokes. Her additional work at the Abundant Life Center and her humbleness to be mentored and directed despite her extraordinary giftedness in music and fine arts, speaks of Connie's true servant heart.

This ordination service was an official, special recognition of Carl's, Pete's and Connie's dedication by Jeff and Michelle. "I see God in their life strongly. I see the giftings and that call. Because of that, I want to recognize publicly what corporately exists."