The Christmas Shoppe

The small town of Parrish Springs is not ready for Matilda Honeycutt. A strange older woman with scraggly hair and jewelry that jangles as she walks, Matilda is certainly not the most likely person to buy the old Barton Building on the town's quaint main street. When it becomes apparent that her new shop doesn't fit the expectations of Parrish Springs residents, the entire community finds itself in a frenzy. After all, Christmas is approaching, and the last thing the town needs is a junky shop run by someone who looks and acts like a gypsy. But as townsfolk venture into the strange store, they discover among the dusty and seemingly insignificant and worthless trinkets of the past, an invaluable gift of great worth truly beyond all human measure!

7pm - Friday, December 16th, 2016
7pm – Saturday, December 17th, 2016

Freedom Life Center
268 Old Clairton Road
Pleasant Hills PA 15236

Admission is FREE!
Cookie Reception in the Lobby Nightly