Meal Groups

The concept is simple: Prepare a meal together, then sit down and eat it together. There's nothing like the act of preparing a meal with everyone having a task and then sitting around a table and enjoying your food, laughing and telling stories with the people around you. It's that sense of community and belonging that is the heart of FLC Meal Groups.
Back in "the day," cooking a meal together was a common thing. It was how older members passed along their family recipes to the younger generation. It was how children learned to cook. It's how members of the neighborhood got to know one another. This simple action has been lost on today's busyness lifestyle.

What We Do

In the Spring and/or Fall, we have meal group sign-up sheets in the lobby. If you want to participate, sign up! The church will assign the small groups and notify you. Jeff and Michelle like to mix up the groups, in that way, you get to meet new members of the FLC family.

What You Do

You will get together with your group - usually by phone or texting. Together, you figure out the date of the meal that works for everyone. Then plan the meal: the cost, who's bringing what, etc. On the day or night of the meal, you help prepare it. Have fun. Eat. Laugh!

Need Ideas?

Some groups do their grocery shopping together.
Have a theme night: Taco or Pasta night, All about salads, Meat fest
Follow up the meal with a game or other activity.

Feeling Social

The idea is to be social - IRL (in real life). Interacting with other human beings. But if you feel the need to share your great time and the spectacular meal you helped prepare virtually on social media too, tag us at @freedomlifectr or use this hashtag:


In this year's inaugural meal group, the vision team got together to make homemade meat and cheese raviolis and two different pasta sauces.